TIANSHI Ceramics Chopsticks,colour enamel Chopsticks -Reusable Classic china Style Chop Sticks,Gift Sets,High end practical non slip chopsticks For adults (4)


  • HEALTHY and DURABLE – Ceramics chopsticks are made of food-safe high-quality Made of porcelain stone and clay, more sterile than bamboo chop sticks for food, without the metallic taste of metal travel chopsticks. BPA-free, no paint, no coating, resist wear and built to last.
  • Chinese retro style – Our chopsticks set includes 3 pairs of chopsticks which in different colors, the length of each chopstick is 9.5 inch/ 24cm. The minimalist colour enamel pattern on the top of chopsticks, which is a typical the Qing dynasty style with strong Asian customs. Perfect for you to enjoy sushi, sashimi, noodles, dumplings, hot pot and other Asian cuisine.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE – Food safe grade material that can withstand up to 428°F /220°C high temperature without getting melted, bent or cracked, they can be placed in the dishwasher and disinfection cabinet. It’s also very easy to clean even if wash by hands and no food residue issue.
  • AMAZING GIFT CHOICE – It’s the perfect gift to your family and friends with exquisite gift-ready packaging box. Fine workmanship with attracting design. Great choice for Christmas, birthday, Housewarming, anniversaries gift. A must-have dining kit, kitchen set for fans of Japanese food, Chinese food, Korean food, Thai food and Vietnamese food.
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN – The square, un-cylinder body prevents the chopsticks from rolling through your fingertips, making it easier to hold, beginner-friendly. Frosted texture tips prevents food from falling off between your chopsticks avoiding some embarrassments at dinner.

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China is the hometown of porcelain. Enamel colored porcelain is an art treasure combining poetry, calligraphy, painting and printing, 1. Durable: because it is made of “aluminum gem” raw materials, ceramic chopsticks will never deform and wear 2. Natural health: Ceramic chopsticks are the healthiest chopsticks at present because they come from nature and are superior to nature. They do not breed bacteria and do not produce harmful substances; 3. Easy to clean: Ceramic chopsticks are made of nano-sized raw materials. The surface is extremely smooth. It is not only easy to clean, but also will not grow moldy and deform like traditional chopsticks even if it is not drained and soaked for a long time 4. Environmental protection and energy conservation: compared with bamboo chopsticks that need to be cut down and metal chopsticks that consume minerals, ceramic chopsticks made of polymer materials are more natural and environmentally friendly; 5. Light and easy to use: ordinary ceramics have the weight of metal, so they have a poor grip when making chopsticks. special ceramic chopsticks weigh only half the weight of steel products; Good handle, no scalding, no oil, and not easy to breed bacteria. 6. Choice of taste: when you hold a pair of ceramic chopsticks in your hand, showing a low-key and luxurious luster, you will find that life and heart have been changed by a pair of chopsticks. Improve people’s quality of life and quality of life in dining.

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