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While Amazon might not be the first place you think of when it comes to jewelry, it turns out that the massive e-retailer has quite the selection. Particularly if you’re wanting to try your hand at a trend, it’s a great place to start—and for those wanting to drop a bit more on an investment piece, you can find jewelry from higher-end lines like Kate Spade New York and Ross-Simons. 

Along with style, when shopping for gold jewelry on Amazon, you’ll want to keep material and finish top of mind. No one wants to get a rash or green skin from jewelry, so be sure to opt for pieces that are either solid gold or gold that’s been plated over a non-alloyed metal like sterling silver or stainless steel. This will help ensure that your piece lasts for longer than just a season.

With that in mind, keep reading for the best gold jewelry pieces on Amazon, along with some help from stylist Amanda Wood.

Zealmer Retro 12 Zodiac Old English Letter Necklace

Say it loud and clear with this zodiac nameplate necklace, which has vintage-inspired Gothic lettering that’s still easy to read. One reviewer says, “The quality is insane”—take from that what you will.

Material: 18K gold plated stainless steel | Chain Length: About 18 inches plus 2-inch extender | Finish Options: Rose gold, yellow gold, and silver


Ross-Simons Italian Silver Heart Motif Bracelet

We’re in love with the vintage look of this bracelet, which has an adjustable bolo closure that works well for different wrist sizes and body types.

Material: 18K gold over sterling silver | Chain Length: Adjustable | Finish Options: Yellow gold


Milacolato 925 Sterling Silver Satellite Necklace

Great for layering, this satellite necklace has a dainty look that will perfectly highlight your collarbone area.

Material: 18K plated gold | Chain Length: 14 inches with 2-inch extender | Finish Options: White gold or yellow gold


What to Look for When Buying Gold Jewelry on Amazon


Whenever you’re buying jewelry, the material is important to keep in mind. From gold-plated to gold-filled or solid gold (more on that below), a piece’s material determines how well it will wear with time. Generally, gold-plated jewelry involves two layers: first nickel, and then a thin layer of gold. If your skin is sensitive to nickel, you might want to opt for gold-filled or solid gold instead.


Gold jewelry generally comes in three different finishes: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. If you’re a gold loyalist and want to keep things consistent, make sure to opt for a finish that matches the rest of your collection. Otherwise, feel free to play around—rose gold can provide a softer vibe, while yellow gold offers a cool, vintage-inspired look. 


When shopping for jewelry, you’ll naturally want to keep style in mind. From trendy pendant necklaces to more timeless box chains, there are plenty of options to choose from. Make sure to think about how the piece will mesh with your existing wardrobe and other accessories. 

  • What kind of jewelry is worth investing in?

    Much like your wardrobe, when it comes to jewelry, you’ll generally want to spend more on everyday pieces and save on trendy items. “I always encourage my clients to invest in high-quality, timeless pieces,” says Wood. “These will be the pieces that you will utilize year after year and will never go out of style.”

  • What’s the difference between gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry?

    Gold-filled and gold-plated pieces are both affordable alternatives to solid gold. The difference between the two is the amount of gold that’s actually used: Gold-filled pieces have multiple layers of solid gold wrapped around a base metal, while gold-plated pieces have a much thinner, single layer of solid gold plated on top of a base metal. Because of the amount of solid gold used, gold-filled pieces are less prone to tarnishing and generally last longer.

  • How should you clean and store gold-plated jewelry?

    Just like your favorite solid gold pieces, gold-plated jewelry can acquire buildup from everyday wear and exposure to your skin’s natural oils, along with lotions, makeup, and other products. It’s extra important to keep plated pieces clean and away from the elements to prevent tarnishing and fading. We recommend cleaning them every week or so with warm, soapy water—avoid harsher, chemical-based cleaners, as they can strip the gold plating altogether.

    As for storage, Wood recommends keeping pieces in plastic bags—”with as much air removed as you can”—to prevent tarnishing and extend the life of your jewelry. 


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