The Diamond Ring For Every Bride: 3 Dreamy Styles From De Beers To Set Your Heart Afire

Of all the single items we wear, an engagement ring may just be the most meaningful. A ring is a circle, after all, and in its unbroken line, the concept of eternal and infinite love comes fully alive. It’s a timeless symbol and an age-old tradition, one that allegedly goes all the way back to ancient Roman times. And, much like the shape of a ring itself, the custom of proposing with one seems to go on and on. Wedding trends may come and go, but this tradition—much like a De Beers diamond—is forever.

That said, there’s absolutely no reason the engagement ring you choose must be “same-old, same-old.” These days, there are as many styles as there are types of brides. Modern, minimalist, romantic, dramatic—it’s up to you to decide. Just like choosing the ideal partner, the engagement ring that’s right for you is truly the one that sets your heart on fire. Let these five dreamy styles from De Beers be your guide.

Aura Fancy Colour Round Brilliant Diamond Ring 

De Beers Aura Fancy Colour Round Brilliant Diamond Ring

For the bride who doesn’t stick to the status quo, here is a statement diamond in ~3.32 carats of rare brown-orange. Sophisticated and unexpected, it’s destined to turn heads with every flash of your manicured hand. Plus, it comes with a unique origin story: The diamond’s unusual color is the result of the subterranean conditions in which it was formed. The round brilliant shape is complemented by a tight row of pavé diamonds—De Beers’s iconic Aura motif—and a gleaming, platinum band.

Statement Round Brilliant Diamond Ring 

De Beers Statement Round Brilliant Diamond Ring

Streamlined yet striking, this stunning solitaire is all about making the maximum impact with the cleanest of lines, thanks to a round brilliant diamond that’s set within a thick band of solid platinum. Not only will it layer easily with a wedding band, but the look is unfussy, understated, and totally refined. And, like all De Beers engagement rings, the interior of the band can be engraved with a sweet love note that only you know.

Aura Fancy Intense Pink Radiant-Cut Diamond Ring 

De Beers Aura Fancy Intense Pink Radiant-Cut Diamond Ring

There’s nothing sweeter—or more romantic—than the color pink; it’s a shade that’s long been associated with harmony, affection, and inner peace. This ethically-sourced ring captures it all in truly elegant form, thanks to a sparkling ~0.52 carat, radiant-cut diamond in a rare shade of vivid blush. Complemented by an 18K rose gold band and accented by a delicate row of mircopavé diamonds, it’s as sweet and romantic as your marriage-to-be.

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